DS18b20 Temperature Sensor

I have a problem regarding this ds18b20 hardware. It works fine with Arduino IDE but not with XOD.
The problems is that readings (out of Tc pin) keep jumping between 3 different values, for example : 32.16 and 100.0 and 299.55 randomly. The correct one is of course 32.16 degrees Celsius but it doesn’t stay there.

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Try slowing down the read time. Use the clock node and set the value to 5 or something else. Sensor’s sometimes are slow on reading stuff.

I did use clock. The result is the same. Slow or fast the same jumping.

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can you upload a screenshot of the patch?

Sorry bud, out of ideas :confused:


Thanks for paying attention.

connect “done” of ds18b20 to UPD lcd node

Thanks, it worked. Now the incorrect values show up only when the system boots up.
This is a very simple patch but what if we have a very complex patch that we don’t want the sensor to update the lcd?

you can choose when updating, using a clock, a pulse from another node or several pulses using “ANY”

If you don’t want bogus values from Temp sensor, you can add a buffer node between Temp Sensor node & LCD node. The Temp Sensor Done pin would then connect to the buffer UPD pin. This will keep a fixed value for the LCD to display until buffer is updated later.

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