Double click on pins (looking for opinion)

I have opened an issue on this topic, but it goes beyond the patches in the browser output-main & input-main.

When you double click on any of these, an empty patch opens.

But the same happens if I double click on pin output-self, number, boolean, byte, etc … it will only open an empty patch.

In my opinion it should work like the constants, where the action is to change the values or the label in the inspector.

What do you think of this?

Here another example, the important data of the pin are in inspector (value, label, description), but when double clicking (sometimes by mistake) empty patches of content are opened…


It also happens with buses, although here it does not happen to me so often :slight_smile:

Maybe for a normal XOD user, it does not matter much, but in my case I do a lot of libraries a double click takes me out of the patch, and leads to that empty patch.

The change in constants made things much easier for me.

Thanks for pointing to the problem.

I agree, the current behavior when a xoder double-clicks a terminal node is questionable. The terminals are special and thus are empty inside. Double-clicking such node should better focus Inspector… And while looking at your sketches, now I’m unsure should we focus the label input or the bound value input?

For constants, we focus the value. It’s the main attribute of a constant. But what’s the most “default” attribute for terminal nodes? Any ideas on how to choose between the label and value?

I don’t quite understand what behavior are you suggesting on double-clicking a terminal in the project browser? No-op?

Hi, although the value is important, when making a new node or library when several pins are added, the important thing is the “label”

Although I thought about this, here it is different, a change does not matter much, a double click could show the help (H) or do nothing. It is not very important.

thanks for answering

The label would be valid for everything, pins, buses and output self. The latter do not have a preset value

Makes sense, will do it.

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