Talking between patches?

How can I pass variables etc. between patches? My goal would to be have patches handle different segments of the program, so to make it easier to read. Is that possible?

Add terminals (input-output) to the patch, so that it works like a node.

Then add that no to the general or secondary patch as many times as you need.

Thanks for your reply. Do you have an example I could look at?

Any patches you create are just custom nodes. They work exactly like all the other nodes that have input or output pins; you just need to add input-* nodes and/or output-* nodes to allow input/output to your patch. Which input/output nodes you use depend on the type of data you are trying to pass.

Took my awhile but I think I got it. Thanks,
I put a “Boolean out” in my “clk” patch, Then I went to the “main” patch and did a search (i) for “clk”. Put that node in my “main” patch and connected to my led. It worked!!
Great fun discovering stuff.

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