Please help me to create a patch

Hello everyone!
Attention of those who understand writing programs in XOD and who generally understand the logic of writing programs - please respond to this topic. I have already studied a lot of information about this IDE, but so far I can not understand the logic of what goes after what when building patches.
My project is to read data from mpu-6050 gy271 and then write data to sd card for further analysis!
Please help with implementation!

Have you been through the built-in tutorial? In general, processing basically happens from the top of the patch to the bottom. If there are multiple paths, they basically happen “at the same time”…I put this in quotes because the CPU can only do one thing at a time.

You can make XOD work more like a “normal” program that does one thing at a time in a specific order by using pulses to control program flow. 205-loops in the tutorial introduces this concept. User Guide — XOD has a Simple Traffic Light Example that shows how you might make use of pulses to control program flow. The library gweimer/traffic-light-advanced — XOD expands on this example.

The User Guide page also includes an SD logging example. You can also search this forum for “SD Write” to see past discussions on this topic.

While you might get lucky and find someone willing to write a program for you in this forum, in general, we are better at helping you with specific issues when you get stuck trying to do it on your own. Explain what you are trying to do, post code and let us know what it does vs what you were expecting it to do. Someone will usually jump in to show you where you went wrong and help you on your way.

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