Constant-boolean bug

I’m not able to specify value for xod/core/constant-boolean in v0.19.2, so it is always false. When I use the inspector, the pin value area is grayed out and indicates “defined by inputs” with no way to change the value like constant-number.


Can’t reproduce. It allows me to change the value. The behavior described is possible if you’re working on xod/core itself, which is a known bug. In other cases, it should never disable.

Would you share a xodball with the problem?

Fascinating…the issue was in gweimer/utils/utils-example-if-else. I re-opened the project this morning to triple-check that I had the right nodes, and now it is letting me change the values.

Sorry about the false alarm… Kind of like double-click not working occasionally. I had that happen again once last week; at least that has not been a persistent problem like when I first mentioned it.

Thanks for reporting nevertheless! If it happens in rare cases, it still happens. Everyone has been warned :wink: hope someone will find a specific scenario to reproduce.