Digispark not upload /support...?

hello guys do anyone know why there is no Digispark support and I can’t even upload in code via Arduino IDE? I’m constantly getting some error.thanks

I too have been working on the same problem. If there is an answer I would like to know of it too !
Still working on it…

I’m still working on it, I don’t even know where the problem is and whether it’s solved … none of the forumers want to help us for now …

i have found the answer. There are more than one way to make the Tiny85 work on his site. Look for more but here is one that will help.


I did assume you have found this page(s) for the DigiSpark AT85 but here it is.
Read carefully. Follow the steps as they are laid down. Jut take your time and all will be well again.

Instructions for adding support for other devices to XOD: Adding New Hardware Support

it works for me normally, it’s not a problem uploading to digispark via IDE, but rather a problem when i make a program in xod and then i go to insert the program via IDE on Digispark and at that stage it throws errors at the program all the time.

Different hardware has different features and needs different values for some of the code. If you are compiling for the wrong platform, this will be a problem.

Hello apsolucija,
Don’t forget that all functions are not supported by the AT85. Check the data sheet on the chip for what it can do. Maybe XOD requires other functions that the IDE has and XOD is using different functions.
Try a simple program first to see if it is a XOD problem or just the way XOD loads the program. Start simple first and start from there. All my XOD programs were very simple and they work ok. Let me know how you do and what progress you have made. I wonder why the Arduino IDE does work and XOD does not. Interesting.

everything is clear and i like to work with xod only i miss the smaller processors … the arduino is too big so i am looking for an alternative …