Dht 22 unexplained error

Hello all, I am trying to create a DHT 22 And I2c LCD temperature and humidity system. However the sensor won’t work, every time I upload a sketch the LCD blinks between the correct measurement and the ERR statement.
Note: I have tried the normal Arduino IDE and it works fine, I also checked the wiring and it’s fine.

Have you searched this forum for dht22? There have been quite a few threads about problems with this sensor that might help. Checking less frequently might help. If you are using ‘loop’ setting, try linking to a clock that pulses once a second (or couple seconds if you don’t need updates so quickly).

Thank you for the reply, But can you tell me about the loop setting?

The UPD pin defaults to ‘loop’, which keeps updating as quickly as the Arduino is able to. If you add a ‘clock’ node, you can specify how often it updates. For example, update every 2 seconds:

The DHT problem is solved now. Thank you for the help

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