Dest already exists. The error has no formatter, which is a bug

how can i solve the problem.

dest already exists.
The error has no formatter, which is a bug. Report the issue to XOD developers.

hi, when does the problem occur? Can you upload the log?

i use the board(arduino uno ),but the software can’t search the board(that time is use the version 0.25.1) .i think the problem is maked by i uninstall the version 0.25.1.then i install the 0.24.1,but i can’t search the board too.after that i can’t not find out the XOD 0.24.1 in procedures and functions.i don’t care it install the 0.25.1 again,then it show this Error in XOD 0.25.1.

i try to use my friends computer with his board(arduino uno),it can be search the board and upload.maybe my board have some problem.

Do you have the Arduino IDE installed? if you can see connection to the board, the problem may be the installation of XOD, otherwise it is the board or the drivers

the arduino IDE can connect the board.maybe the problem is made of repeat install the XOD. a few days ago,i can use XOD 0.25.1 upload to another board.

Install Everything search as admin, search for XOD, and move all to a backup folder. Install again.

have solved.thanks:smile:

i have another problem now.the XOD show all the board not can i download and install it?

I do not understand well but try this


If a board is shown as “(not installed)”, just go on and hit “Upload.” The IDE will offer to install the missing packages.

The UX is counter-intuitive a bit and yet to be fixed. We tried to deliver the feature sooner, thus the result.

BTW, what @cesars shows is a tool to upgrade the already installed packages to their newest versions if there were new releases since their installation.

have already been solve.thanks