Degree on lcd display

How can I print a ° (degree) on a 16x2 lcd display?

It depends on your display code page. On my display ° has hex code 99. So to output 13° C I bind the following to the L1 pin: 13\x99 C. The \x** sequence inserts raw character code at this point.

Note, however, if you want to print a 0-9, a-f, or A-F character right after the raw character, things get trickier because of rules of C++ parser. In that case, use a concat node to join the string ending with ° and its tail.

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Thanks a lot for this hint. It works!

I used concat-4 instead of concat-3.
First String input is “Temperatur:”, 2nd is the temperature reading from the DHT11, 3rd is “\xDF” (my Display uses hex code DF for °) and 4th string is “C” (Celsius).

Glad to help.

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