Only one test emogi in XOD

It’s just a test I did with emojis, but in the dark background there are many that can not be distinguished.
Just playing a little :man_shrugging:


Hi @nkrkv, I have a problem to use in code, eg. U00B0C for °C

Until this example gives me an error, it just takes me ACSII symbols

Anyway, the symbols out of ASCII range get converted to character sequences 
like U1234 containing its code so the 💩 would become input_UD83D. 

:thermometer: Codes 1F321 or ud83c …error (emitValue<output_U1F321>(ctx, val);

I thought it was because I wanted to put two together, but then I realized that I was not taking these. I wanted something like that 🌡️°C
The i2c-scanner is input> output, so I had no problem.

Here are some very nice but they did not work

As I said before U00B0C for °C / U00B0F for °F works , now try 1U00B0 / 1_U00B0 for …error.

I suppose something is wrong because even this input_UD83D did not work for me, but if I want to put something more than a symbol, I have to separate them with " _ "
What would be the correct statement?

You can open the Quick Help pane while the node’s C++ code editor is active. There you’ll see the “correct” names of C++ identifiers as XOD encodes them. Just copy-paste from there.


P.S> :thinking: the identifier for :thermometer:°C is so long it can’t even fit the quick help sidebar completely. Make sure to select the whole line with a triple click.

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My mistake was not defining them before, thanks

PS: Now compile and color XOD
And it was not necessary to define but to copy the aid as he said, to define it was only to use a shorter term. Now I understood well how to use it,

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