Compiler error on 207-busses in versio 0.31.0

I just tried to go through the "welcome to xod- chapter "207-busses"without any changes and get the following error-message:

Don’t know what to do, seems version 0.31.0. has some issues?
pls help me…

if I’ve tried it and there’s an error simulating
also whitout bus

It is caused by some “error” implementation in defer node

place two defer and it will work, I think this is an issue


thanks for your quick response,
what do you mean by “place two defer”? two defer after another does not work.

sorry the work around you showed functions.
But the example-dht11
brings the following error:

is it a bug?

this cannot be simulated, you must use upload and debug …with board

if so … there is another bug there

The fix is released. Please update to 0.31.1

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Thx for the quick response, my tests have been positive now.

I enjoy developing with XOD, great work, thank you


Uli Matuszak