Compiler changes in latest XOD?

Trying to run simulator on some of my old libraries to verify they work with latest XOD and running into problems. Things that worked in old version no longer compile in new version.

/ws/sketchbook/adb28e2b657f7593ee4c6307df365e2edbbc5d16242b14197ae64dbecb65e049/sketch/sketch.ino:1029:23: warning: ‘operator->’ is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
for (auto it = hex->iterate(); !error && it; ++it) {

This is easy enough to fix since I can just replace ‘->’ with ‘.’.

/ws/sketchbook/adb28e2b657f7593ee4c6307df365e2edbbc5d16242b14197ae64dbecb65e049/sketch/sketch.ino:1043:22: error: variable-sized object may not be initialized
char hexBuff[length(hex)+1] = { 0 }; // init with terminal zeros

Is this due to changed compiler optimization options? I guess I can hard-code it, but that wastes space and creates un-needed limitations.

/ws/sketchbook/adb28e2b657f7593ee4c6307df365e2edbbc5d16242b14197ae64dbecb65e049/sketch/sketch.ino:1131:5: error: use of undeclared identifier ‘sprintf’; did you mean ‘swprintf’?
sprintf(fmt, “0x%%0%uX”, int(getValue<input_DIG>(ctx)));

sprintf & sscanf are no longer valid calls? The suggested swprintf takes different parameters, so it is not a direct replacement.