Sketch auto-generated with XOD (How to ?)

Hello folks !

I’m trying to use the sketch auto-generated with XOD in Arduino IDE but I’m facing errors issue. Is there some turorials/tips to follow to do it ?

The project I’m using is quite simple. It’s two on-off led :

The gererated code is here :

The error from Arduino IDE :

Thanks !


You are using some unusual board. That should be fine in general, but what I see from the error log, this board package does not specify a GCC flag to use C++11 features, it uses the old C++ version whereas XOD requires a quite modern (2011) C++. You have to manually edit your package platform.txt file.

Find it in: C:\Users\<You>\xod\__packages__\packages\<board_package_name>\hardware\<family_name>\<version>\platform.txt.

There, find the compiler.c.flags option and add -std=gnu11 to it. This should enable the required C++ features.

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Hello ! Thanks for the reply !

But the flag “-std=gnu11” is already there in my “platform.txt” file.

And yes, I was trying to upload XOD code to an unusual Arduino board. Since there was no corresponding board inside XOD, I thought I would be able to use the auto-generated code with the Arduino IDE, since it’s working fine with it.

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