Would someone please tell me if I can

I have half a project done in Arduino IDE.
How do I import it and then work on it in the XOD Ide ?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Most of the initialization stuff in IDE is handled automatically in XOD. The actual code isn’t really compatible with XOD. IDE is textual. XOD is graphical. Since the basic structure of the two languages is so different, XOD often requires an entirely different thought process and it is not possible to directly map IDE code to XOD nodes. Some code can be pretty much directly converted. It really depends on what has been written and how it was coded.

It is possible to create your own nodes (also called patches) with textual code, but it is in C++, not IDE. The easiest way to migrate might be for chunks of your code to be put into nodes as C++ code.

Since XOD generally requires a different way of thinking, you might want to start with some of the examples and tutorials to understand it better, then go back to your current project and figure out how to convert it.

Feature Request Please and thx for the answer