Include XOD generated Arduino code in an arduino sketch


Is it possible to take the code generated by XOD and include it within an arduino sketch?

I would like to have a hardware interrupt loop running in arduino code and a XOD program part being executed whenever the interrupt is not active.

Is this possible?

The “easiest” solution would probably be to create a XOD node to handle the interrupt loop.

You can compile to code & copy that into IDE to push to Arduino, but you would still need to figure out how to add your interrupt code, and you would have to repeat that manual process every time you wanted to make an update.

Yes gweimer, the best would be great to have a xod node that handles interrupts. Using interrupts in XOD has been asked a few times but it seems it is not possible for now. PulseIn works ok at lower frequencies but can miss inputs when the frequency increases above say 100 hz . A XOD node that does the same as the Attach Interrupt function in Arduino would be a great addition. I tried but my skills v limited

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