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Is there a way to make a change to a node for just 1 project. Something I noticed was that I needed to add an additional reset location to flip-in-times since it can only accept 1 connection. I only needed it for that project but now the change seems to be forever. I also noticed this in a bunch of broken libraries, where they have added nodes to something that I have not, so it is broken. I don’t know what the port is they added and I don’t necessarily want the change to be forever in my system.

If I understood you correctly, you don’t need to change the node at all, but you need to combine few pulses into one link. If so, just use the xod/core/any node right before the input RST pin.

If you really need to change something — create a nw patch in your project an copy the content of flip-in-times node into it. Now you have your own copy of this node and you can change it somehow. Do not forget to replace the xod/core/flip-in-times node with your own one.

I have noticed that several libraries that are red did this. They made changes to an existing node, that I don’t have in mine so it shows as a bad node. I don’t know what the node is so I can’t add it either.

You do NOT want to make changes to built-in XOD nodes. This will make a local copy of the entire library and will not get updated when there is a new release of XOD. You can make new patches in your own project and copy XOD code to it and modify to your hearts content.

In cases like this (wanting multiple RST pins), the better solution is to leave the original node & just add an “any” node feeding the RST so that any number of inputs can be added without changing any existing nodes.


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