Button works opposit


When i upload the button code with de Arduino Ide
Its working correct.
But when i upload that with Xod IT works the other way around .
Output is on when button unpressed and off when button is pressed.
What is going wrong?
The input is connected well.
And i used the example from Xod.


Hello and welcome?

What button component do you use? Can you provide the exact patch you use and a photo/schematics of your circuit?

Hello i use this patch
And this wiring
And dont worry i use a make button no break
The wiring is correct because this i my work.


The scheme you use pulls the button down to ground and XOD expects a pull up to Vcc. That’s the difference leading to the inversion. Look carefully: what the signal will be when the button is released? It will go to ground through the resistor on your scheme:


And it goes to 5V in the scheme recommended in the tutorial:

Use the wiring scheme from the XOD tutorial or place a xod/core/not node below the button output.

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Ok my mistake
Thanks for your reply :+1:

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