Bit shift register

Hi, I need help. I want to make a shift register (like 4017) but I can not find a schematic of its logic gates and flip-flops.
It is very important to me because then with that I can make several applications.
I appreciate any ideas, how to sequence

link bit-shift-register

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CD4017 is a decade counter. Unfortunately I have only my cell phone ready an not my PC, so I can not send you a .xodball file. I would use a counter and some “equal” nodes. Connect the counter output to the first inputs of the equal nodes. Write fixed values to the second pin of the equal nodes (0?, 1, 2, 3…). Connect the outputs of the equal nodes to the inputs of some digital write nodes. If you want to reset the counter aften n-steps you need a additional equal-node connected to a defer-node generating a pulse for the reset input of the counter.

Thanks @dox , I’ll see what I can do I already have a rough idea.

@dox , It was very helpful, thank you

Edit: CD4017
BIT-SHIFT-REGISTER.xodball (44.7 KB)


At the moment in omitted C ++ (Flip-Flop type D)

Here is the result using parts of the library @gweimer
BSR2.xodball (41.9 KB)

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