Shift register 74HC595

I know that there is such a library. But I did not understand it, there are too many all kinds of nodes. So I created my library 74hc595n. Just one block.

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amazing! thanks @danya
works well
how do you suggest chaining 2 or more 74hc595n’s?

Hello. I’ll work on it. I have one request for you. Can you take a photo of what’s inside the 74hc595n patch? I’m just afraid there is an old version of this patch. The old patch weighed a lot (sort of), and the project itself took a long time to compile.

Sure, here it is. Long one, so I had to scroll.

I have updated the library. Simplified it. Should now compile faster.

Super cool, thanks @danya!

Hello. I updated the library, now you can use 2 or more shift registers!


Thanks a lot @danya! I’ll try out this week

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