Увеличение количества вводов arduino uno 74рс165n

задача : имеется
12 клавиш,
адресная светодиотная лента (50)светодиодов
Сдвиговый регистр 74HC165n
неободимо - создать 24 режима горения светодиодов
12-при одном положении тумблера
поможите решить ?
task: available
12 keys,
addressable LED strip (50) LEDs
Shift Register 74HC165n
necessary - create 24 modes
12-at one position of the toggle switch
help to solve?

Searching for “shift” in XOD libraries, there are 2 for controlling shift registers Libraries — XOD

I’m assuming you want to display a specific light sequence for each key pressed. I’m also assuming each of the 50 LEDs needs 3 bytes of data for RGB color (or 4 bytes if white LED is also included). That’s 150 bytes of data to store for each key press. The best way to store that data will depend on what format data needs to be in to send to LED. Selecting which data to display should be pretty easy using select and/or nth-input nodes. I would use select for the key presses and nth-input for the toggle.

This will “hold” the value even when key is released, so you will either need to add code (probably using pulse-on-false) to clear lights if you want them off when key is released, or add a key for “all off”. The output of nth-input will change as soon as you change the toggle. If you don’t want lights to change until you press another key, you will need to use output of ‘any’ node to trigger the change/update of LED strip.

You still need to feed the “values” into the select node and figure out how to convert those values to message for the LED strip. I’m not sure how (or if) the shift register is going to help with that since I don’t know what kind of communication the LED strip is expecting.

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