Control program for keypad 4x4?

Hello everyone :smiley:
Im new to this world of XOD so i have a questions. Is it possible to create a control program for keypad 4x4? Thank for the answers and have a nice day

Hi, when I started with XOD I did something, today it could be improved a lot. I don’t think the library is active, but this may give you an idea. If the analog value of the key is within a certain range, it will be taken as valid.

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Ok so,
I tried your boolean type of node and worked only two of outpots. At the moment when switch was pressed, LED(my output) was like pinging(lighted and stop). I thought that was cause of the range in keypad node and here is my question. To what type of connect to arduino u made this node? Beacuse i have seen many solution to connect keypad to arduino with one wire(A0). With different types of resistors. I connected with 4,7k resistors to rows and 1k resistors to columns. Apologize for my english :stuck_out_tongue:
I will be grateful for your response and have a nice day :smiley:

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