Arduino powered Barrel Piano!

Hi, XOD community!

Take a look at my new fun project done with IR sensors arrays, Arduino MKR ZERO and XOD:

Here is the barrel piano program: /gabbapeople/barrel-organ/
Libraries used:

Appreciate your feedback =)


Hi gabbapeople
Thank you for replying to my message on Instructables. I appreciate it!

I have been working on a project for some time to develop a MIDI sequencer for Ableton Live using light dependent resistors on a turntable, activated by a vinyl record marked with different colours and tones to trigger MIDI events in Ableton. Then I saw your Barrel Piano, and the Octoliner board, and I realised this was a much better way to bring the project to life!

I am not an experienced programmer - I can do very basic Arduino stuff. XOD looked interesting as it is a visual IDE and your existing project gave me the idea to adapt your patch to operate my much simpler device - one Octoliner and an Arduino Leonardo connected to MacBook and Ableton.

I have done most of the XOD tutorials. I know I do not understand all of it. I tried to adapt your patches to make a simpler patch to run my project. The first problem I had was that the I2C address had changed so Octoliner was not responding - I fixed that. Now the XOD IDE says I am missing “MIDIUSB” library. I have the e/midi and e/usb-midi installed along with your code for the Barrel Piano.

Any advice you have would be really welcome Max! I hope to simply get this device up and running for now - simply passing MIDI messages to Ableton. Once I have this part working I can tweak the design. But for now I am stuck! Thank you for any help you can offer.

Best wishes from Glasgow, Scotland, Stay safe.

Hi, @markdawes
Can you copy here the full error log.

I am missing “MIDIUSB” library

The MIDIUSB library should be in your XOD workspace in the ardulib folder. It should download automatically from github. Try to change your XOD workspace File->Switch workspace and flash the blank MIDIUSB patch to ensure that the library exist. Smth like this:
This node is in the e/midi-usb library in XOD inspector.

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Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

I hope you can see from my screenshot that the libraries required are in the project browser. I will try Switch Workspace as you suggested. I know I do not have the patch set up properly yet but I am still not sure why the library problem comes up.

Thanks again.

Hi gabbapeople
I don’t think I understand any of the problems I have. XOD is also stating that I am missing the Arduino library “Wire.h”. I do have this on my Mac, but obviously XOD can’t find it. I also have the midi usb libraries in the correct folders. I have watched the dronebot videos and read all the User Guide (which I had not seen before). If you can help me in any way I would appreciate it!

That’s weird. What Mac OS version do you have? Try to reinstall XOD completely.

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