A basic MIDI library


Hey guys,

I’ve created a basic MIDI library in order to handle MIDI processing :


You have nodes to initialize MIDI IN and MIDI OUT communication.
You can read the input messages from the MIDI IN.
You can also handle and send :
Note ON
Note OFF
Contron Change (CC)
Program Change
Aftertouch Channel,

Feel free to comment and give me feedback to improve it.



New MIDI Nodes: awgrover/midi

Hey man, this is really awesome! Is there anywhere I can read about the different nodes more in-depth? I mean, reeeally explained like I’m 5 years old? I’ve barely scratched the surface with XOD and Arduino in general, but I’m pumped about the fact that this is node-based system (20+ years as a graphic designer, just turned Arduino nerd). What I’m hoping for, is a how-to setup a potentiometer to control a CC message which my DAW can see and understand. Basically, how does my patch become an interface that I can use in, say Ableton Live, and how can I utilise a multiplexer in my patch to set up multiple (20+) pot’s? In near future I’m also looking at adding a small step sequencer and other funky stuff. I’d love to get som inputs from you and develop further on this wonderful library, but I’d much rather do it under more private conditions. I know it’s not very good karma to ask, but would it be OK to email instead? In case you’re down with that, shoot me a message at simon@humanrobotsoul.com

/Cheers, Simon

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