Another counter

Counter with start, min, step, max, time, reset, output, pulse divide and limit.



Add a gate to Pulse output, to avoid pulses when it is not activated (ACT false). I think there are no mistakes, but …

for-count.xodball (29.9 KB)

I tried to include a for in C ++, but I got unwanted results. In the end I decided to do something similar and I remain name in the node.

  • If receive a pulse and ACT is true, start.

  • If ACT is false stops, it becomes active with ACT and pulse START

  • If by the STEP size exceeds the Max stops, and activates the limit.

  • It works with whole numbers or with decimals.

  • Time for increase speed.

  • VAL counter output, will be equal to or less than MAX

  • Pulse output for each increment.

  • Resetting with RST