I can make a sub that stops a count

I can do this with C in Arduino IDE I’m trying to find a way to stop a counter when the number reaches a certain number!

Count increments when count-INC gets a pulse. You can stop the count by running that pulse through a gate node and only enable gate when count is less than your Max value. Since the output of count will affect input of count, you will need a defer node to loop back up in your patch.

So one of the things great things about writing C is you can control bits and port pins very easy, there isn’t a node that will pulse out a Boolean value unless I’m missing something here. I’m trying to momentarily reset a pin on a CD4017!

I’m using the digital-write node, I only need to pull the port pin high for a couple of milli second and then reset it low again.

You can try connecting delay-ACT to value for digital-write, then set delay-T to 0.002. In theory, it should work, but I don’t know how well delay will handle that small a value.

So I tried it and it worked for 5 minutes then it stopped working I tried a new Xod window and it wouldn’t work anymore even on another board. I have no idea at this point I’m going back to Arduino IDE

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