About bluetooth devices

Hi, everyone, I am a newbie at XOD, and I want to make a device that uses bluetooth for a school project (a robotic arm). Can anyone help me to use a HC-05 with XOD please?

Take a look at this please. I veriefied it myself, and it works fine. Bluetooth HC-05/06 simple setup?

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I already saw that, but I still don’t have a clue about how to make the modem work.

What do you mean by modem? You mean module?

yeah, sorry, I’m from quebec

I meant the module, sorry

Try this.

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Dear Sir.
Do you have any project as XOD "Arduino + HC-05 (bluetooth) + mobile phone (MIT)
which read and control temperature and switches.

There is internet lot of work on XOD different projects but not at all as bluetooth + mobile phone

Waiting for your support
Best regards

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