HC-05 bt module

Hi, did anyone manage to find a wy to use bluetooth comms in XOD?
I want to be able to receive letters and number from my phone via bluetooth and can’t get it to work as much as I try.
I tried the example supplied with gabbapeople’s libray but doesn’t work and I’m out of ideas.

Module work in Arduono IDE so there’s no hardware issue.

I did.
Use soft-uart node:

  • google your board’s name and “software serial pins” to find out which pins are suitable for establishing software UART connection
  • remember that module’s RX and TX pins are meant to be wired to Arduino’s (“node’s”) TX and RX pins respectively
  • as you’re familiar with Arduino IDE, try SoftwareSerialExample first to choose proper baud rate

When you’re done with connection, use xod/uart/is-available and xod/uart/read-bytes to receive bytes and then use them as you wish, for example pulse-on-sequence node may be helpful.

I’ve just made one more example using HC-05 bluetooth communication, and in addition to the steps described above want to emphasize that is-available node’s default UPD pin value is Never, should be changed to Continuously

Here’s my implementation of the byte commands processing ferret.mp4_snapshot_01.23.741|690x388

If you read in Russian and use Telegram, you may learn more on the context of the problem being solved in a short video annotation here: Telegram: Contact @automate_courses and in the series of posts above in the channel.

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