Bluetooth HC-05/06 simple setup?

Anyone has a “manual” for a simple setup of a Bluetooth module HC-05 or 06 how the Arduino receives Text strings from a paired device ?
Searched everywere - found one for a BLE - but still way to complicated for me as a “newbie” :wink:
Thanks already in advance

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ok was trying a bit and got some progress
does anyone know how to “map” a certain text coming from an device via bluetooth to a certain output/pin of an arduino ?

I recommend you read the following article is excellent,
It can be useful.
To send strings you must convert them to byte and then from byte to string


Thanks for the tip - Ill play around with it :wink:

Did you manage to get your HC-05 working ? And if so, how ?

Sort of - doesnt work perfect but good enough for this project
I used the standard soft-uart and read-byte node the receive the incoming bytes via the HC-05 and then converted the bytes via u8-to-number and processed it accordingly.
Instead of text I just let the programm send numbers via Bluetooth - therefore its easier to work with.

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Thanks for the reply ! Could you take a screenshot of the project if you still have it ?

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sorry - I dont have it here at the moment and its really more or less just the soft-uart node.