3 Phase Sine Wave

Analog Three-Phase Sine Wave Generator in tests,
soon upload video …

PD: a little frustrated, works at low frequency :slightly_frowning_face:


Could you share the xodball and tell us what hardware you are using?

what changed it, it works acceptable but … add random values to offset approximately 120 °
I suppose there is a way to do better

test.xodball (10.7 KB)

the low frequency, which works well, I did counters up / down
the problem is that he uses the pulses to form the wave

Just tested it. It works smoothly on my machine and looks OK.
Probably, I did not understand what is wrong.
Could you explain the problem and what did you exactly mean saying “low frequency” and “random values”?

Also, better replace deprecated nodes with new ones :wink:

complete change and improving :upside_down_face:

test.3phase.xodball (13.0 KB)