[I want a node] Node Sine generator


I need help with this node, it seems very simple but I have errors when compiling.
It is based on the SinGen library https://github.com/findux/SinGen/tree/master/SinGen


  • SL (port, default=D3) — pin PWM low
  • SH (port, default=D5) — pin PWM high
  • Hz (number, default=1) — determines the frequency
  • INIT (pulse, default= Never) — start the generator
  • UPD (pulse, default= Never) — update


  • OUT (number) — Output signal SH, for internal use
  • DONE (pulse)

The node must generate through PWM, two sinusoidal signals opposite each other, the frequency is determined by Hz

The characteristics are according to what I could understand about the library, I do not know if it is correct.


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Hey cesars
I am looking in to it :smile:
Let you know when it is done.

@bradzilla84 :clap::clap: thanks!

Hey cesars
Take a look at this.
Gen is easy but the Library doesn’t seam to have a good way the get the value out without altering it.


Hi, now I will look at it, but the alternative generation is automatic, it is already incorporated with pinYuksekPWM and pinAlcakPWM.
SinGen(uint8_t pinYuksekPWM = 3, uint8_t pinAlcakPWM = 5, double HzFrekans = 1);

oh, I see what happens, there is a flicker in the second signal, something that does not happen in the arduino sketch

Yeah continuous in XOD is not the same as in Arduino. There is a slight delay while all other nodes are processed. I’m sure there is a way around this I have another patch I’m working on with the same issue.

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