Constant analog output

I’m trying to create a set speed (PWM) output that can be controlled on or off from different locations within program using OR gates etc. basically creating jog push buttons.
I’ve tried creating pulse generators but can’t seam to get more than a slow blink. Is there a way to just create a .5 signal?

The easiest way to get a blink is probably to use square-wave node. To change the blink rates, change the T and/or DUTY inputs. If there are only 2 rates, you can use flip-flop node to toggle between the two (flip-flop output feeds to if-else-COND, if-else-T would have square-wave-T value for one blink-rate; if-else-F would have square-wave-T value for other blink-rate.

If you have more than 2 blink-rates to cycle through, you can use count instead of flip-flop and nth-input instead of if-else. This allows to cycle through any number of values, but you will need to add code to cycle back to the beginning once you pass maximum valid value for count node.

Thank you, that was very helpful.
at first i was using values between 0.1 and 1 for the square-wave nodes T and DUTY.
When i moved the decimal point to 0.01 things started looking up.

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