XOD 0.28.0: More Detailed Patch Board


Nice job, enjoying :clap::clap:

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I admire this big work. Great thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great ! :smiley: Thanks for your hard work !

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How do I switch back to the old view in the new IDE. I find that everything is hard to read, possibly because of being partially colour blind. I don’t like the new look at all.

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Grey on black pin labels are difficult to read, even without being color-blind…

Making pin labels the same color as node label will probably make it very cluttered, though.

Making pin labels a whiter grey might be enough. Comments are not as white as node label, but are easier to read than new pin labels.

If you need more contrast, maybe it would work better to make node label a different color so you can use white/almost white for pin labels…not that I want to see a bunch of bright colors assaulting my eyes…

Maybe use “type” color for pin labels so they match the pin (they might be too dark for reading text, though. Maybe slightly brighter version of pin color for label?)

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Would there be a file somewhere in the IDE that would allow me to change the colours. The Arduino IDE has a Theme.txt file which you can go into to change the colours in the theme as an example.


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Hi all!

Thank you for supporting and sorry @gweimer @texmex that the new design actually works worse for you. I am not an accessibility expert and cannot quite understand why does the new layout works badly for color blindness. We did not touch any colors at all. Just stroke widths, rectangle sizes, minor gray contrasts.

Am I understand correctly, the most annoying thing is the new pin labels contrast? That is, their color is too close to the color of the node background. @temex can you confirm?

I suspect the final perceived image is also depends on the monitor model and settings. I can see quite significant difference on my PC and some other machines.

Anyway, it will be nice if someone can perform an experiment with color. In XOD IDE press Ctrl+Shift+I to invoke the developer console, then Ctrl+Shift+C to enter the element selection element, pick the element of interest, and try to change it color to see the effect in real time. What color of the pin labels feels most natural to you?

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Even though pin labels are harder to read, I still like the new layout.

Current pin label color is #666

#999 is quite a bit easier to read, but might still be too dark for visually impaired.

#aaa is much easier to read, but you are starting to lose contrast between pin labels and node label, making things look more cluttered.

Maybe start with #999 as a default and see what people think; even going to #888 would help if you don’t think #999 gives enough contrast. I don’t like not having contrast between the pin & node labels. I think having pin labels dimmer so they are easier to ignore while looking at the big picture is a good idea…we just can’t have them too dim…

I agree with gweimer that #999 is a good default value for the pin labels. #666 doesn’t provide enough contrast for my eyes.

Overall I think the IDE has been improved by the latest changes. Great job! Many thanks!

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So here is what IDE will look like with #999 for pin labels and #eee for node labels.

Does everyone agree that it’s readable enough? :slightly_smiling_face:


Unless someone feels it does not provide enough contrast between pin & node labels, we can probably all agree that it is MORE readable than the current values, so would at least be an improvement.

I think it is “readable enough,” but I’m still in denial that my sight is starting to go bad :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback!

A more comprehensive solution would be some kind of theming feature where anyone could make his own color scheme and share it. We also need a bright (inversed) theme to make XOD printer-friendly, for example. This is possible albeit not trivial to implement, but we’ll do it at some moment.

For now, let’s try to settle on a color scheme that will, at least, not cause pain to anyone.

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