Please alow IDE Color Choices

The IDE Colors are what I’d call “Gothic” – dark text on an even darker background

It would really help to allow a user to select a Bright Text color on a Black Background, or even better, Black Text on a WHITE background, like this web page where you are now reading my suggestion.

The color scheme is almost impossible to read. PLEASE change the color scheme or add a Color Scheme menu. Or look at this FORUM and the colors used here.

Thanks, Dr. Jeff

There was a discussion about this a while back, including instructions for selecting your own colors XOD 0.28.0: More Detailed Patch Board

I looked at the suggested discussion. The result is still Gothic – dark background. I’ve been programming for years, and want to recommend this XOD system to friends who are just starting, but the display is not clear. Dark Gray on Darker Gray is still just Dark Gray.

This textbox that I’m typing in for a reply is clear, black text on white background. Maybe the developers can at a minumum have two basic color sets: Dark and Light. Thanks for the lead on the prior discussion. Dr T

I love the style of Xod. I have no problem what so ever reading any of the text on screen. I cant believe you are resisting sharing this program because of a color scheme lol. The layout of xod is very modern looking and honestly would probably impress your friends.

Today I look for it, but it can’t be done, or I forget how to do it. Before I could change the color of the nodes now I can’t find it.