What do you think about the new tutorial?

XOD v0.14.0 introduced the new tutorial. Much more granular than it used to be. Also, it has a version embedded direcly into the welcome-to-xod project inside XOD IDE. The tutorial is not completed yet and to continue I’d like to know your opinion.

What do you think about the new format of the tutorial?

  • Too infantile, the chapters should be more advanced
  • OK for the start, but will be boring if you’d continue the same way
  • Nice, go on!

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Vote to help us make docs better. A free-form feedback is also much appreciated.

I2C-Tutorial would be nice. :wink:


How can I scan the I2C bus with the XOD software? How do I search for what address the device is on? etc.

Moderator note :exclamation: That’s a good question, but it is not related to the thread. Sorry, I have to mute it. Please, start a new thread with the question.