Web interface for IDE

I noticed that the IDE uses Java in an HTML environment. Is the idea to eventually create a web compiler for the IDE?

XOD IDE invokes a CLI utility named arduino-builder when compiles. The arduino-builder is a part of Arduino IDE, which is made with Java. So, that’s why you see it. Ideally, we’d better get rid of Java dependency completely. There are rumors, a native arduino-builder replacement written in Go is coming. Don’t know when.

I’m not sure what do you mean exactly asking the question? Is it about board-less “simulation” or flashing from within web IDE?

It was about flashing from within a web IDE. Over the air style for hardware that is enabled with it. Or with a normal USB for stuff that isn’t. Kind of like the Arduino cloud interface stuff.
Not the biggest fan of it yet, but I can see some applications. I can see bigger activations though for xod. Specifically, wire nodes using my phone’s browser and compiling and pushing to the hardware from the cloud IDE.

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FOTA (Flashing Over The Air) is in plans. I think we’ll implement ESP8266 upload in a couple of months or so.