V0.31.1 > Analog Read Bug?

Suspect that there is a bug with the analog read node

attached are two example sketches for you to try!


The bug is that the 4 inputs dispite being listed as A0, A1, A2 and A3 all show roughly the same reading.

Tested this on a Genuine Arduino Micro and a Genuine Uno and a Maker Uno… all the same issue…



Are the inputs floating or connected to any sensor?

oops! :blush:

a0 > pot
A1,a2,a3 floating

tried it with all 4 inputs connected to potentiometers… working ok now (didnt know that the floating inputs would be ~ = to A0… live and learn…

(not very good for fault tolerance … :frowning: I expected the input to float to an arbitrary reading, just not to a reading to ~ track A0

again live and learn… (the watch is helpful tool of XOD)