Desktop XOD and Analog input errors

Great program. I’m new to Arduino programming and like the graphical solution.

I have limited internet availability. How exactly do I compile and program an Arduino Nano using the desktop version?

Also need to use all 8 analog inputs from Pots but get errors when using any port except A0.

Thanks for help

When you upload to Arduino board, you need to select your model. XOD has 4 options for Nano. The first time you upload to a model, you will need internet access to install the appropriate AVR Tools for that model. If that is not possible, there are other threads for manually installing AVR Tools.

I assume you are using A1, A2, etc. for other ports. I don’t know why that would be producing errors unless you are trying to use A8, which would not exist on Nano.

Thanks for the fast reply.

The Nano tools updated perfectly via internet and a test XOD program compiled and installed perfectly also.

I am using Analog Ports A0-A7 as inputs to 8 individual POT nodes.
Errors for all but port A0:
“Undeclared identifier…”
“not a class…”
“not a structure…”

If I use A0 for all POT node inputs, the program compiles fine.

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