Using BLYNK via wifi

Hello, I saw gabbapeople/blynk library that enables using BLYNK connection via Bluetooth.

Is here anything similar using wifi connection to BLYNK?

Thanks. Marco

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have you found the answer? Xod is by far the best visual tool and blynk is the best app, its a shame we cannot use them together via internet. That would be just perfect…


i wonder if its even possible to make blynk work properly with xod as blynk needs void loop to be pretty much empty… but getting these 2 to work properly together would be my dream…

Bump. Anyone? Dont tell me nobody thinks that for IOT projects controlled via app this would be a game changer?

It looks like there is no library for the Blynk over WiFi.
But I think you can take the gabbapeople/blynk library and change some code inside to make it works over WiFi. I’m not sure, but I think you have to replace the only constructor.
Feel free to share :wink:

Well, that would be really nice to provide some manual for less experienced guys like me… :slight_smile:

That’s a good point. Something like “XOD and blynk via wifi” for dummies!

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no one fixed the library to the wifi ?

Anyone made it? I have tried, no success.

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