Using BLYNK via wifi

Hello, I saw gabbapeople/blynk library that enables using BLYNK connection via Bluetooth.

Is here anything similar using wifi connection to BLYNK?

Thanks. Marco

have you found the answer? Xod is by far the best visual tool and blynk is the best app, its a shame we cannot use them together via internet. That would be just perfect…


i wonder if its even possible to make blynk work properly with xod as blynk needs void loop to be pretty much empty… but getting these 2 to work properly together would be my dream…

Bump. Anyone? Dont tell me nobody thinks that for IOT projects controlled via app this would be a game changer?

It looks like there is no library for the Blynk over WiFi.
But I think you can take the gabbapeople/blynk library and change some code inside to make it works over WiFi. I’m not sure, but I think you have to replace the only constructor.
Feel free to share :wink:

Well, that would be really nice to provide some manual for less experienced guys like me… :slight_smile:

That’s a good point. Something like “XOD and blynk via wifi” for dummies!

no one fixed the library to the wifi ?