Use the PIC24F04KA200 as a Guitar Pedal

Good day, everyone!
As a guitar pedal, I use the PIC24F04KA200.
I utilize the ADC and DAC mcp3201 and mcp4921, respectively.
There are two issues that I am baffled by: 1. The ADC MCP31 will not function if another SPI module is addressed.
Now, I run a job while processing a code in ADC and DAC.
Is there a reason why the ADC does not reply after receiving the CLK pulse and MCP131’s CS is 1? Is it necessary to include a resistor somewhere?
The Adc that connects directly to the DAC sounds like a bit breaker, implying that the SPI update frequency is insufficient.
The SPI settings are as follows: To read and write code, you must: The majority of my work consists of calling procedures and moving input to output.
So, according to the MP3201 datasheet, it runs at 3.3V and runs at 50ksps@2.7V. CLK can also approach 8000khz, as seen in the table. A 20Mhz clock is claimed on the MCP4921 data page.
So, do I stand a chance of making it work faster and allowing other SPI devices to function as ram modules?
Thank you for your assistance!

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In general, SPI can only talk to one device at a time… You’ve got to control that somehow… Try using each device by itself, first, and get them working. Then, you can try to combine on one SPI bus.
I’m not sure about the timing, issue. Though, getting these to work on the regular Arduino IDE, first, is a good step to getting it good in XOD…

I used an MCP4725 with I2C, with good luck, after some initial hick-ups on the timing:

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