Use Analog pins as digital I/O

Hello guys,

I am discovering XOD and it looks very promising. I am trying to adapt a project I made previously to use XOD and I ran into a problem:

I have a 16x2 LCD screen and its the control lines (RS, EN, D4, D5, D6 & D7) are connected to the analog pins of the Arduino.
In XOD Inspector, I tried to set the pin values to the analog pins values like I would do with Arduino: A0 for Analog pin 0 and so on.
But it seems that XOD inspector doesn’t let you input letters so only digital pins can be used.

Do you guys know if there is a way to use any analog pins as digital I/O in XOD? (like this)


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Ignore the A0 designation and continue digital pin #s for analog pins. For example, the Uno has 13 digital pins, so A0 would be pin 14, A1 pin 15, etc.


good to know about this ant thats its possible to use analog pins as digital.

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