Trouble with flashing leds in sequence

I’m new to Arduino and I’m trying to just get a good handle on coding and xod. I just want to do a simple project making 5 leds flash in sequence over and over again. I’m using led nodes, flip-n-times, pulse on false, delays, then a defer to start it over. All I get out of it is all of the leds flashing randomly. I want the first one to be on for 1 second and off for one second. Then the second, etc. should I be using state nodes instead? Maybe I’m making it too complicated. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Have you read through You should be able to start with that & add extra delays between the nodes so you have have 1 second with no lights on.

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That helped out a lot. It would be nice if they made some sort of sequence node where you could just assign outputs to pins and create any order you want. Thanks!

It would be pretty easy to create your own with variadic pins available in the latest version of XOD ( It would be difficult to create a generic one since there are so many variations. Do you hard-code the blink time? Specify a single blink time? Specify time on & time off? Specify once or for each light? If using this for a traffic light with sensors, you would want a way to stay on the green light until a sensor is triggered (File -> Add Library -> “gweimer/traffic-light-advanced” for a more advanced traffic light tutorial).