Trouble with adding Ctron duo motor driver to xod

tried to add Cytron library the normal way but it said “no lib found”…that is, clicked on “add library” while in main and responded with author/library(Cytron/Cytron_SmartDriveDuo-master).
“no lib found”. then gave it the complete address. still no luck.

That is how you add XOD libraries. Arduino IDE libraries need to be wrapped to create a XOD library.

You can view existing XOD libraries here:

Thanks for your answer(27days ago!)…I found a “work around” to the add-to-library problem and had not got back to the forum til today. Read your response…It is always good to know the proper way of doing things.

By the way, I’ve been working on this “robo lawn mower” project of mine for the last several months and now have it built. It is actually a weed trimmer that swings left and right and propelled by 13" electric wheel chair wheels. It is a strange looking mower(3’ high and 3 wide). I call it the “SPIDER”…because it is light weight and agile. I’ve been teaching it to mow with an arduino and xod. The big idea is to teach it to look for a trail of pellets in the grass left there when mowing the first time. That can be done with a metal detector attached to the front of the weed trimmer(since it has the necessary back and forth motion required by the metal detector. My current problem is that it needs a quick response when detecting the pellet since it has a 1 second cycle time…or 500 ms per sweep. That’s where the ISR becomes important.
Any response would be greatly appreciated…I’ve sent in a copy of my ISR. Thanks.

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