Timed relay Question

I am trying to make a timed relay that turns on for 3 seconds and then turn off.
I tried both ways in image.
After uploading the button will turn on relay and relay turns off after 3 sec. but it only works once.
the second buttonpress doesnt seem to register.
If I reset the arduino, the button wil work again but only once.
Am I missing something?
(the pulse node is pulse-on true)

Hi, try this


This one also works once.

The only thing that occurs to me is that the pull-up resistor is missing

that could be it i think.
untill now i always used the internal pullup resistor.
can that be done from inside XOD?

If you can, but for now from c++.
There are some forum topics, which you could consult.


Try this…

Tried it and it worked the same.
But after soldering in a 10K pullup resistor, this one and all the others worked :smile:

soldering in a 10K pullup resistor made all the different versions work :smile:

Thanks to all for the help.
I learned alot today :smile:
(especially that I can plug a boolean output into a pulse input without a “pulse-on-true” node )

ok I’m glad, enjoy :+1: