The LAN using 2.4 GHz

Привет всем великим и могучим в теме arduino.
Подскажите пожалуйста, возможно ли собрать такие устройства для организации локальной сети (есть потребность) по воздуху на 200 метров.

Hello to all the great and powerful in the Arduino theme.
Please tell me whether it is possible to assemble such devices for the organization of a local network (there is a need) by air for 200 meters.

That is likely outside the experience of anyone in this group. You would probably be better off asking in a larger, more generic arduino forum. If you need any kind of security to prevent (or even just discourage) anyone from listening in or injecting their own information, you would probably be better off using an existing WiFi solution.

We are trying with directional Wi-Fi antennas, there are solutions, one antenna was made, but I want to build such a thing for myself, to create temporary communication solutions, security will be solved by software methods.

This can help you at least reduce HW problems.

I believe this repeater solution can help as well.

Of course for such distance you will need to use some external antennas, but for 2.4Ghz two simple quad antennas should be fine and work like a harm, even good omni will work fine, and of course you must make sure there is a LOS ( Line OF Sight ) between both points.

If you will do it remember to provide XOD solution Plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeese :wink: