Text section exceeds available space in board error

I have been trying to upload a slightly modified version of the traffic light example from the getting started section to Arduino Leonardo . I have replaced the leds with ws2812 mono node and the sketch seems quite small but i receive the sketch too big error . Should i buy a board with more memory or is it possible that the sketch is wrong ?


I’m not sure, but

  1. try wiring a single constant port node, i.e. D06, to all of the ports requiring that digital port.
  2. reduce the number of unused nodes in your project. We can’t see how many there are on your screen shot; I’ve had similar issue with lots of unused nodes holding C-String arrays.

Please let me know, if this works.

Thanks for the reply , I will try the constant port node for the ws 2812 strips and let you know if it works .
cheers Garrin

Thanks xodballxod , you were right and it was holding the values from the previous nodes . I needed to clear the ws2812 device first.

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