Support for LittlevGL and low-cost touchscreens

Has anyone explored XOD support for LittlevGL ( - an open-source embedded gui library that allows simple construction of touchscreen interfaces.

This would complement the excellent 4D Systems libraries built for XOD - by gabbapeople/4d-ulcd/ and bradzilla84/visi-genie-extra-library. These tools are hugely enabling - providing a code-free development environment for building sophisticated user interfaces for low cost, DIY instrumentation - and we’ve been using these for training in the international Biomaker programme (

LittlevGL offers support for constructing new interfaces - with support for a wide range of low cost touchscreens. For our African programme, we’d like to support integrated Arduino-touchscreen devices like:
(This would make the hardware much cheaper and more accessible (1/5 the price) than our current version, that relies on a 4DS touchscreen -

If anyone is interested in this (it would help out a lot of African students!) - I can help out by seeding the effort with hardware…just drop me a note.

Prof. Jim Haseloff, University of Cambridge.


Some more information about TFT LCDs:


Introduction to touchscreen displays with Arduino

Hackster guide to interfacing:

Connecting different TFT displays:

Reading TFT LCD driver identity

Arduino libraries

Arduino libraries for display:

Arduino TFT Library:

UTFT Arduino Library:

GUI design software

4D Systems Workshop

Little vGL software

with LvGL reviews:

Hunda Tech serial TFT LCD screens + Visual LCD Studio

GUIslice drag & drop TFT interfaces:

Nextion displays - serial TFT’s

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and TJC Chinese manufacturer

Mikroelectronica Visual TFT ($99)


Arduino TFT LCD touchscreen

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@jh295 Hello professor!
Any success? Im also interested in usingg low cost TFT with XOD.

My first step is using simple, not touchscreen with XOD. Best choice is @bradzilla84 library. But I can’t make it work.
This has 3 pins but my TFT works with Arduino on more pins when I write my code using this library

Do you have any suggestions? OR Im going in the wrong direction/using wrong hardware / using wrong libraries in XOD?
Do you know if there is support in XOD for such devices like on my picture?