Storing Volumetric Flow Data as .txt

I am creating a simple program to monitor and save data into a spreadsheet. This is very much like the Temperature Log Example — XOD
But I would prefer to use the SD card as a back up, and primarily just take the data straight into to my laptop via the USB port.
Is there a guide for this?
I have the sd-log example running already, seems to be working fine, so I assume modifying the program to go straight into the laptop via USB would not be difficult.

IFM SA6010
Adafruit Data Logging Shield

In addition to sending your data to sd-log, you should additionally send them to uart/print, e.g.:

You can then run a tool such as putty on your laptop to receive and log the serial data.

Here’s a guide lo logging serial data using putty:

Alternatively, you could use console-log and run your patch in the debugger, e.g.

I will begin learning about this now.