SC Data Storage


There is a Really great example on how to use the DTT22 and a LCD with lots of refindments. However I have a good use for data storage of the readings, Temperature and Humidity over a 24 hour or more. I would like to store this data on one of the SD card readers / writers used for the Arduino. To exchange the data to graph the changes in climate over a period of time. I do not see a node for the SD reader / writer anywhere in the hardware listings. This is a very useful device and will come in handy for tons of uses. Do you have any ideas on how to add this to the library? Thank you all for your help.



Hi Dave,

Have you tried:

There is a video tutorial:

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Hello Matt !
Oh my Gosh ! Not only did you answer my question and point me in the correct direction but you went way beyond and gave me great information. I feel so dumb… I never thought there would be that available although I did search for “SD” memory and nothing came up with several search keys. I guess I didn’t put in the key search terms the times I tried. Thank you so very much. You have given me the tool I now need to complete my project. Matt, I do not know how to thank you enough and I hope some day I can return the favor. Thanks again for your time and effort to help a new guy on the block. Dave Wreski
Oh yes, I hope to put this into a AT-tiny 85 some day soon for part of my weather station. Wish me good luck.:wrench:Project still in progress.


Hi Dave,

You’re very welcome. The search function on is a little limited at present, so I’m not surprised you had difficulty finding what you were looking for - I tend to rely on google. Would be great to see a post about your completed weather station.

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