[I want a node] Perforn a Read on SD-Card


Reads lines of text to a file on SD card


  • CS (port) - CS (chip select) pin the SD card reader is connected to. Also known as SS (slave select).
  • FILE (string) - File name to read to
  • LINE (number, default=0) - Line to read
  • W (pulse) - Perform line read


  • LINE-OUT (string) - Outputs string from line
  • ERR (boolean) - Outputs false if the last write succeed. Set to true if an error occured: wrong connection, missing or bad SD card, write protection.
  • DONE (pulse) - Fires when read is done

Hope anyone could do this, because I can’t get it to work and I think this is also a very good feature. I want to use this to display text to LCD.

Thank you.

Can’t compile

C:\Temp\xod_temp_sketchbook2cEYiZ\xod_1544133635312_sketch\xod_1544133635312_sketch.ino: In function ‘void xod::xod__gpio__pwm_write::evaluate(xod::xod__gpio__pwm_write::Context)’:
C:\Temp\xod_temp_sketchbook2cEYiZ\xod_1544133635312_sketch\xod_1544133635312_sketch.ino:1435:5: error: ‘::analogWrite’ has not been declared
::analogWrite(port, val);

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Hi jmlapido
I have started a library very similar to this with the ability to save and retrieve individual settings and log data from a file. Is this something you would be interested in?


Hi bradzilla84,

Yes, this would be very similar… Hope you could share me that library…

Thank you

Hi mate…

Any update? :slight_smile:

Sorry not yet, I have a fair few projects on the go at the moment and this one will be a bit one.


Hello! Sorry for bothering, asking if you are still developing this library :smiley:

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