Read line on sd-card

So I have been searching for it for a while.

but I can’t seem find a way how to properly read a line from a text file on sd-card.

Is that possible or xod is not yet capable?


hi, have you tried this?



but it seems this is only to log/write…not to read line from text file.

Sorry, it’s writing there’s no reading node, you can request a node
Read the guide to request (input, output, etc) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you even figure out how to read a file?
It looks like you’ve got to really know your stuff about pointers and arrays and such.
Somebody with a strong background in C++ might be able to write the functionality we need; namely, retrieving data from files and using that data in xodware.
I’ve spent a long time on this, maybe a couple weeks, and decided to go with I2C FRAM. There’s no xod library for it, yet, either, so it will have it’s own challenges. We need a way to read process control or method parameters from file to really augment the abilities of our projects. It really would be a contribution to the world to read data from SD Card with XOD.